We must all do our part to save our planet from destruction. Over 80% of all the world’s species will be extinct within the next few decades if we do not stop the mechanisms of greed that are destroying all life on Earth.

Earth Concerts was designed by environmentalists to accelerate environmental change. By rapidly building alliances between people, organizations and media networks Earth Concerts will strengthen the environmental revolution.

Earth Concerts will offer you ways to actively protect our natural resources and wildlife habitats. Through our Eco-Village you will be empowered to collectively change the world.

Earth Concerts will raise funds for Race To Save Earth by donating ten percent (10%) of all ticket sales plus 10% of all food, beverage and clothing sales within Tiesa Village. We challenge all concert organizers to match our level of commitment to Race To Save Earth. Concert attendees can advance the green movement by choosing a concert venue that truly supports change.

Earth Concerts will help empower millions of green activists across the nation toward creating an environmental shift within our population. Our venues will provide legitimate and productive environmental activities.

Earth Concerts will unite activists and socially responsible businesses through strategic networking. Even the most committed green activist will discover new ways to promote change. People’s awareness and together we will save Earth!