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rom concept to design our Tiesa Village addresses environmental change in a very pro-active manner. We have chosen to promote Race To Save Earth since it focuses on what people can achieve toward saving Earth.

At our Tiesa Village individuals discover a clear path to activism. There you will find over 72 organizations committed to the eco-revolution. Both national and international campaigns showcase programs design to create change.

Imagine 10 advocacy groups all working in concert with one another. You can discover new solutions to living life to the fullest while being part of the solution in our brave new world. Just find your way to our Tiesa Village.

Tiesa Village will enlighten, educate and empower you to advance your own activism to new heights. You will find The Environmental Education Center, better known as “The Center”, at Tiesa Village providing eco-education classes.

Eco Job Corps manages all personnel for 72 organizations not to mention the businesses that actively support various functions of this large eco-platform. Writers, Project Managers, Teachers, Public Speakers, Sales and other opportunities that await you at our People-Power tent will amaze you.

Earth Drummers Pavilion is a favorite stop for drums, lessons and connecting with other drummers. Just follow the beat and let it fuel your soul!

At the Excellent Nature tent you can improve your health, nutrition and diet with Excellent Nature’s organic sprout formulas. Organic diet formulas and special packages enable you to customize to your eating habits, it’s easy!

One Earth Café is where you can get the best coffee and health drinks This is a favorite stop where people can relax and enjoy coffee, health drinks and meet new friends.

The list above is just a partial list of what the Earth Concerts have to offer. Earth Concerts are designed to entertain, engage and empower people. Meanwhile our Tiesa Village is where awareness and planning meets activism.

See you there!
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