DMB Unveils New Flavor Sensation: One Sweet Whirled
The Dave Matthews Band is preparing to take their environmental message on the road with their new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, One Sweet Whirled. The new flavor, named after the band’s song “One Sweet World” from their album Remember Two Things, will help promote the group’s global warming initiatives.

DMB and Ben & Jerry’s take their fight against global warming to the new flavor to the Web through their Lick Global Warming campaign. At this site, activists can learn more about global warming solutions and have a little fun .

Spinal Tap Goes Green
The heavy metal parody band, Spinal Tap, has decided to embrace environmentalism while on their summer tour this year. They are reforming some of their previously less-than-environmentally-friendly ways for the Live Earth concert. The concert, which is being organized by Al Gore and is part of the campaign Save Our Selves, is scheduled to begin July 7th and take place on seven continents.

Spinal Tap has released a short film about their growing eco-awareness since deciding to jump on board in the race against global warming. They even plan to release a new single, “Warmer Than Hell,” to raise awareness of the crisis.

Reverb Spawns from Green Musician Trend
Artists and bands are quickly catching on to the great PR that can come with claiming to be environmentally friendly. But the environmental organization Reverb is aiming to turn musicians into true green thinkers.

The organization, which was founded in 2004, was created to assist artists and tour managers in making environmental changes such as obtaining organic food on tour and recycling their guitar strings.
Since then, Reverb has helped musicians like the
Barenaked Ladies,
The Dave Matthews Band
and The Red Hot Chili Peppers
become more environmentally aware and eco-friendly while on tour.