Earth Defense Network

“Defending and safeguarding our environment from destruction is the responsibility of every person. By networking enough groups and people together we can create the changes needed to save Earth. Eco-Village at Earth Concerts is an ideal networking opportunity.”

One Earth, One Mission

“One Earth, One Mission will enlighten and engage the public in a moral crusade to save the future of life on Earth. It is every person’s responsibility to defend and safeguard our environment from destruction. By networking groups and people we can save Earth.”

Earth Media Network

“Earth Media Network is an advanced green media and advertising enterprise. Our primary objective is to providing a one-stop-shop for all environmental media needs. We are a proud sponsor of Earth Concerts and the Race To Save Earth.”

Rainforest Defense Network

“Rainforests support numerous rare plant species that can provide cures for cancer and other debilitating diseases. We will educate and empower native people to enable them to better protect their natural habitat even from greed driven lumber companies.”

Global Ecological Council

“Global Ecological Council is happy to provide legal council and support to Earth Concerts. Defending the rights of humanity requires us to protect all ecosystems on Earth. We will work to resolve the world’s environmental problems by legally addressing all air and water pollutants.”

The Environmental Community

“TEC supports change by providing all of its members with access to an advanced environmental platform. Everything from eco-education and advocacy to entertainment are all taken into account since our job is to create change. We are proud to participate in the Eco-Village and support Earth Concerts.”