Earth Concerts is run by full-time environmentalists that are totally committed to saving Earth. Our passion, talent and skills are focused on events that will provide the tools toward creating change.

We actively support the Race To Save Earth campaign since it provides funding for an entire environmental platform. The Environmental Community oversees this platform and helps to optimize activities and networks toward creating a wave of eco-activism the likes of which has never been seen before.

Earth Concerts provides resources for activists to connect and to enable like minded organizations to network. We will ONLY support those organizations, sponsors and businesses that are fully committed to an Earth-saving objective.

Earth Concerts will deliver the finest entertainment all across our country. At our events you can learn how to be proactive for yourself and for Earth.

All bands, talent and corporate sponsors are committed to our environmental initiative. Earth Concerts is designed to attract forward thinking people that are looking to become part of the solution toward saving our home on Earth.

Eco-Village provides everything from sign-up to specific campaigns there are over 72 member organizations and 54 active campaigns to choose from. You can discover everything from how to shift your life to become an Earth Warrior to discovering cool new activities like drumming, eco-dating or environmental destinations. If you love Earth and people then you’re going to love our events!