In addition to the talent on stage there are so many activities to enjoy you’ll find yourself planning how you want to spend the next day. Or, if you prefer to be more spontaneous we will update you on upcoming activities between sets.

Recharge your spirit with hot comedians and other entertainment acts. You will crack up at jokes delivered by talented comedians and your spirits will be lifted by awe inspiring entertainment acts.

You will find sign-up booths for 72 organizations at our totally unique Tiesa-Village located within each Earth Concert event. Obtain info or select from over 54 progressive campaigns that you can join. Get active with new strategies!

Specific campaigns enable you to get active becoming part of the solution. Grassroots organizing at its finest will enable you to work on issues like global warming, natural resources and habitat protection. Get active at Eco-Village!

Goal oriented individuals you will discover new ways to become more eco-productive while empowering yourself and others. Meet with managers and attend brief seminars for specific campaigns and job openings.

Get your mind racing and your heart pumping join a network of dedicated Earth Warriors that you will discover at the Tiesa-Village. Never before have so many organizations come together to support the Race To Save Earth.

Watch dance and other on stage competitions for cash or Eco-Points rewards. Eco-Points can be exchanged for online gifts, T-shirts, concert tickets and a number of other cool items.

Join one of our Gathering events and be one with Earth by participating in special drumming events, peace ceremony and other unique experiences designed to bring the power of good spirits together.

Together we’ll create a new wave of eco-activism!