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  5. Volunteer & Intern Positions

    One of our projects is to help fill eco-positions. Some immediate positions available include: Writers, Editors, Web Designers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Flash, Media, PR and Personnel.In addition, several Project Managers are needed due to the rapid expansion of this fast growing eco-platform. Each position can lead to paid work or full time jobs.

    Eco-Advertising jobs are available now and pay top commissions for sales professionals. Click on the headline above and send a blank email to receive an instant application. Apply today!

About Earth Concerts

The time for talking about saving the planet is over. The good news is all of the planning and strategizing to launch a massive grassroots effort toward saving Earth is ready. Earth Concerts’ environmental agenda was originally conceived in the year 2000. Today we stand behind an eco-revolution that can change everything.

If you love Earth as we know it today, with its incredible wildlife, nature and beauty—we are asking you to act now! By attending events by Earth Concerts you are supporting RACE TO SAVE EARTH and helping to fund a large proactive environmental platform.

Race To Save Earth financially supports a group of organizations that are working in concert with one another. This platform is the largest eco-group covering everything from environmental education to advocacy programs aimed at protecting air, water and land.

Earth Concerts brings activism to your doorstep with numerous and ongoing concerts across the nation. Join us at our Eco-Village, located within each Earth Concert, where you can get hooked up with the hottest groups, campaigns and events. Imagine over 72 organizations, advocacy programs and campaigns all designed to create positive change for all essential ecosystems on Earth.

The world’s most eco-minded musicians have joined Earth Concerts in our quest to save Mother Earth. From the music to the Eco-Village you will discover, the venue at Earth Concerts is like no other.

Become part of an environmental solution by joining the fastest growing network of eco-activists. Just come to an Earth Concerts event to discover how you can create opportunities for yourself while helping to protect Earth.